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Substance Addiction Grows Gradually And Usually Starts With Misuse And Abuse

Addiction develops over time and usually starts with misuse, moving toward abuse and leading to addiction.

alcohol withdrawal
To minimize emotional or physical distress, an individual might experiment with substances or alcohol. Alternatively, one may use substances or alcohol in a social setting, and decide to try them again just to have a good time. Relieved of alcohol problems of unpleasantness, the individual can continue to use substances or alcohol again, and again, and so on.
• Abuse
Quickly the person increases usage to maintain the desired effects of elation and escape from reality. If the person did not have problems at the start of use, issues have now been formed as an outcome of the use.
• Addiction
Great time and effort is spent obtaining the alcohol or drugs. When the addict or alcoholic is totally entrenched in the enslavement of addiction, the health, economic, social and emotional consequences appear. The addict could just feel that they have been unlucky, or blame the consequences on others as opposed to their addiction.
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