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The Temporary Accent Wall

While accent walls are tempting theoretically, often they are too risky a decor feature for most people. Throughout the holidays, most householders will break free from their usual safe place and go "all out," decorating with abandon. Test a brief accent wall, only for christmas? Make use of paint, of course, but that's fairly permanent generally in most people's eyes, not this intrepid decorator; you could have determined chances are.


You'll be able to accomplish a highlight wall by hanging lengths of cloth, wallpaper or colored paper. Fixing these mediums to walls doesn't need to become permanent; it is possible to staple them upper and lower into a area of wall that you want to exhibit, you can also attach the information or paper into a large part of foam board that can be painted also.

If you have a unique vignette that you want to highlight, place a large piece of accent fabric behind the vignette and this will become a great backdrop. Make use of a plain silk drape as well, through hanging it on the curtain rod near to the ceiling; the drape may be slightly gathered for added texture or hung and stretched out in order that it will lie flat up against the wall. This is a good idea if however you have wallpaper or even a colored wall that doesn't go along with your holiday decor. You might like to display hanging cards along with want competing designs; simply hang or fix cards on the "accent fabric wall" and create your new design.

You might like to then add special excitement on your fireplace mantle with the addition of a short-term accent color above to punch the focus from the room. This space could be a great spot to add paint if you wanted to take a look at a highlight color without committing a complete wall to it. Simply draw parallel lines from your the top of mantle on the ceiling and paint your punch of color.

Understand that a bold color will take several coats of paint, but the surface is generally fairly small, which means this project doesn't need significant amounts of paint. Your lines do need to be sharp and clean so follow directions when using among the numerous painters' tape products to offer the look you might be after. Once the holiday season is over, if you're inclined to depart along with up, good for you; otherwise, simply paint out, having a good primer to hide the bold color and re-apply the space color to the wall.
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